Nexus 7 LTE: texting capability and Wi-Fi Hot Spot confirmed

By: Rossella Alessi | 29 August 2013


After Google has unveiled its newest Nexus 7 tablet in San Francisco on July 24th, and with the LTE version that has already appeared on some online websites with immediate availability, many users have started wondering if the new Google Tablet is able of sending and receiving SMS. The answer has promptly arrived and even though there’s no specific program to handle text functions (Google got rid of the official one), if you install any texting application found on the Play Store it seems everything works perfectly well, both sending and receiving options.


Besides, another interesting confirmation is related to the hot-spot management within the connectivity options, so that you can use your Tablet as wi-fi router or for Bluetooth tethering. These options are not surprising   of course and they could have been predicted even before the device was launched, but it still good to have them confirmed and so far the only flaw seems to be found in the phone capabilities, that – as for the 2012 version – will probably never appear on this Tablet.