Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Smartwatch 2 and SBH52 headset: official pricing for European market

By: Rossella Alessi | 26 June 2013


Yesterday Sony was at the center of the stage with a lot of new products officially unveiled. We reported their main specs and features and now some more news on pricing and release dates have arrived. As you could have expected, taking into account high quality, powerful capabilities and unique features boasted by both products and accessories, they are not coming at very friendly prices but all considered they are not far from competitors after all. Have we piqued your curiosity? That’s what we know:ù

  • Xperia Z Ultra from August  at 679 (the month depends on the market)
    • Sony announced it will be  €719 in Holland
  • Smartwatch 2 starting September a 199€ (the month depends on the market)
  • SBH52 headset from July at  69 (the month depends on the market)

We talked about Xperia Z Ultra and Smartwatch 2, as for the SBH52 headset it is an interesting accessory for the Xperia Z Ultra: a bluetooth headset meant to perform the simplest tasks like take phone calls or read text messages. It has a clip on the back which can be used to attach to clothing, and a headset jack for earbuds. The small OLED screen will give you a simple caller ID or text message readout. It hosts volume keys and micro USB port, and pairs by NFC. You can also listen to radio with RDS, and according to Sony it has HD voice.