Sony Xperia Cyber-shot, new Wallkman Phone and an iPhone competitor to arrive in Q3! | Rumor

By: Rossella Alessi | 29 March 2013


More than one year ago we heard some rumors about a Cybershot restyling aimed at the Android smarthpone territory. Nothing new had emerged until today, but now it seems that the project was not cancelled, but just delayed, as confirmed by CEO Kaz Hirai who said is planning to  introduce Sony‘s camera and sound capabilities into an upcoming high-end Android smartphone.

The big deal here is the purported launch of a new phablet  in summer, plus three more parallel flagships coming in q3. This is just speculation so far, but rumors coming from reliable sources say:

1. This one is 5 inch xperia cybershot. It will be equipped with best camera so far in smartphones. With sensor size almost equal to pureview 808 and carl zeiss optics it will stand out from the rest of the crowd. Other specs will be top of the line. Also, the waistline of the phone is well within limits.
2. This one is 5 inch xperia walkman. It will come with integrated amplifier chip and all other goodies of sony walkman series and same top specs.
3. This one is a direct iPhone competitor in a small form factor and small screen size with camera and other specs same as xperia cybershot.