Qii introduce a revolutionary wireless flexible keyboard (video)

By: John A. | 11 December 2012

Thanks to smartphone and tablet evolution everybody are able to use the virtual keyboards, there are also several App that reproduce the buttons and different way to use it,  to improve million writers that daily send messages and mails. We appreciate the accourancy of recent capacitive display but how they can reproduce the real feedback of physical button on the fingers? Microsoft has unveiled Type and Touch Cover for his own tablet Surface, a thin keyboard of just 3-4mm, and Qii is introducing a revolutionary concept that could be perfect to use with smartphone, via Bluetooth.

Qii prototype is a simple, flexible full QWERTY keyboard that has has a textured surface for easier touch typing and a waterproof coating. The team behind Qii keyboard has worked hardly past years to develop a technique for printing programmable touch sensors onto a new carbon-based nanomaterial, the trasparent film is real and able to conduct electricity.

All electronic components printed into the transparent film are water and dirt resistant. Qii are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to finalize the product, but the poject will only receive funds if at least $1,850,000 is raised. Visit the main page to preorder your Qii keyboard, donations starting at US$120 and delivery expected for October 2013. Check out the video below: