Nexus 4 16GB now shipping in 6-7 weeks or longer

By: Rossella Alessi | 2 December 2012

The chances of getting a shiny new Nexus 4 soon are decreasing every day, since Droid Life reported that the amount of time before people who ordered the 16GB version of the Nexus 4 will actually get the device is increasing rapidly. If Tuesday the phone went back on sale with a 1-2 week shipping time, it soon increased to 3-4 and now they say it won’t ship before  6-7 weeks. The Nexus 4 is probably becoming like a mirage to many buyers, and even if we hope Google will catch up with Nexus 4 orders soon we don’t see this coming, at least until this year. Moreover, if we consider that Christmas time is around the corner, people will probably keep ordering it as well.This means that the 6-7 weeks will probably turn into a longer time.

To keep up with the latest news, visit the Nexus 4 16GB Google Play page. Good luck to future Nexus 4 owners.