LG Nexus 4 White is real! Photo reveals the new version

By: John A. | 14 November 2012

The LG Nexus 4 will finally receive a white version too, as you can see in the real photo above that shows us the device, ready to be sold in few stores like Carphone Warehouse: yesterday we heard that both colors are available in this store, and at this point we can confirm it with no doubt: it’s coming soon to hit the markets.

Unfortunately we haven’t got other pictures, an anonymous tipster sent us just the one you found above that is real!

We were expecting a white version as for Galaxy Nexus, so nothing quite surprising but a color version that Google already offered before and didn’t get the expected success with its third generation. So let’s see what’s going to happen this time with the white version and if nexus fans will appreciate  the devices that were sold like hot cakes on the day of the debut ! Anyone interested?